Can The Titanium Exhaust Make The Ford GT Sound Better Than A V8?

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Or does the GT still disappoint with its exhaust sound?

It seems like the debate over turbocharged engines will never end. Proponents of turbochargers love the added power and performance, while detractors hate that turbocharged engines can't match the same sound and linearity of naturally aspirated units. Mercedes seems to have perfected the sound of its turbocharged engines, but even a company like Ferrari has struggled to make its turbos sound good. Despite the sound issues, companies like Ford have decided to ditch larger engines and move to turbocharged units.

The last generation Ford GT had a 5.4-liter supercharged V8. The new GT turned a few heads with a rather conventional-sounding 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6. The new GT doesn't sound terrible, but it is a far cry from the supercharged whale of the 2005 model. Perhaps the addition of a titanium exhaust might fix that.

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Ford GT Forum managed to secure two new GTs, one with the standard exhaust, and one with the optional lightweight titanium exhaust. The results aren't game changing, but we think the titanium pipes help make the GT sound more raspy, like a supercar should. In the video the stock exhaust seems to be a bit louder, but the titanium unit is more crisp.

Just for reference, we decided to include a clip of a 2005 GT at wide open throttle. That way you can really get an idea for what we mean when we say that turbocharged engines aren't always better. Let us know in the comments which exhaust you think sounds best, the stock unit, the titanium exhaust, or the good old supercharged V8?


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