Can This Chinese Billionaire's Le Supercar Really Take On Tesla?

If you look at what he's accomplished so far, you might be convinced.

Mostof us have probably never heard of Chinese man Jia Yueting. Thenagain, we're probably not too familiar with his multi-billion empire, whichincludes LeTV, the Chinese Netflix, and China's top-selling smart TV andsmartphones. Now, the man has decided that LeTV will take on Tesla by buildingan all-electric supercar. To make this possible, he has invested $1.2 billionof his own money into the company, which has now released early conceptsketches of the upcoming car. And from the looks of it, we aren't talking aboutanother Chinese knockoff.

Due to debut at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show followed by aproduction release in early 2018, LeTV has snatched up an impressive team topull the Le Supercar project off. The project is being led by Tony Nie, afounding member of Lotus China, who's hired 600 people in the US and China –some of them former GM, BMW and Tesla employees. LeTV is developing the car'spowertrain in-house, including battery tech, a motor and inverter. Even if thistech is impressive, will the car be equally interesting to look at and drive? Earlysketches look promising, except for the 'LeCar' name, which brings back harsh memories of a similarly-branded Renault in the 70s.

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