Can This Iconic American Supercar Take Down The Mighty Model S?

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The Model S has met its match.

We've seen the Tesla Model S take down all types of supercars before, but this Model S P90D is facing some stiff competition in the form of a modified Ford GT. The Ford GT in the video below has a 5.4-liter supercharged V8, but comes with a Heffner pulley, an engine tune and a different exhaust system for a total of 650 hp. The P90D is Tesla's most insane vehicle with 762 hp and has been seen destroying other supercars in a straight line. This may seem like an easy win for the P90D, but the powerful GT manages to show the electric car its taillights.

With 650 hp going to the rear wheels, the GT has a tough time getting off the line, but gives the P90D a run for its money when both vehicles start from a roll.

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