Can This Man Save Infiniti?


Former BMW executive Roland Krueger has just been tapped to run the show at Infiniti.

Nissan’s luxury division, Infiniti, hasn’t been having a good summer. In July, its President, Johan de Nysschen, left the automaker to run the show over at Cadillac. And then just last week, Nissan Chief Planning Officer Andy Palmer (to whom de Nysschen directly reported) announced his departure to become the new CEO of Aston Martin. This pair believed in Infiniti and masterminded projects like the Q50 Eau Rouge. With Palmer’s exit, many have been left wondering what the future will hold for Infiniti.

In order to stick with its revival plan, someone with plenty of auto industry experience will be required. Fortunately, Nissan has found their man. Roland Krueger is set to become the next President of Infiniti. He’s a former BMW executive who rose to become its senior vice president in charge of the German domestic market. And he's also a badass adventurer. Krueger was the first German to trek solo to the South Pole without the aid of dogs, vehicles, or food deliveries. It took 50 days of skiing – while pulling a sled behind him – to complete the epic journey. Krueger’s new boss is Nissan-Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn, and the job won’t be easy.

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Infiniti is still way behind its German rivals in sales, but it did sell a record number of new vehicles in the first half of this year. That’s a good start, but Krueger will need to bring his a-game to the table with exciting new products that’ll make buyers reconsider their next BMW/Audi/Mercedes purchase.