Can This One-Of-A-Kind Corvette Be Saved?


Restoring it won't come cheap.

The damage has been done by the now-famous Corvette Museum sinkhole. Other than swallowing up eight one-of-a-kind Corvettes, the building itself required extensive repairs. But that's all finished as the 45x60-foot sinkhole has been filled and all of the Corvettes are ready to return home. For example, the 1992 C4 LT1 convertible, the one-millionth Corvette ever produced, is still being restored. It's not an easy task, but GM has now provided some updates about its progress.

For starters, the car's structural damage has been repaired and it's now running. As workers were removing the damaged body panels and other parts, they discovered over 100 surprises: the names and signatures of the line workers at the Bowling Green assembly plant. So what are the next restoration challenges to overcome? Paint damage, the flexible rear bumper cover (need to preserve the signatures), and whether or not to replace the hood which was severely damaged. Essentially, the team needs to maintain the appropriate balance between original and new components. And time is of the essence because the 1 millionth Corvette is due to be revealed this coming Labor Day weekend in September in time for the museum's 21st birthday celebration.

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