Can You Believe Chinese Tuners Are Behind This 500-HP Maserati?

We still need a moment to process it.

Now since this is China we’re talking about you have to take these specs with a grain of salt. That’s right, a Chinese firm called ASPEC is behind this tuned Maserati Ghibli, which it has dubbed the PPM500. The name refers to the Italian sedan’s new power output, which gets bumped to 500 horsepower when racing fuel is used. (You get 470 horses on the high-end 98.) In addition to the ECU remix, the Chinese tuners also dropped a new body kit onto the twin-turbo Italian stallion.

There are some sweet side skirts, a new rear diffuser and a barely there spoiler. The whole thing sits on ASPEC V57 forged alloys. That’s right, the Chinese are making their own wheels now. Even if the specs are a little juiced, ASPEC has done a great job of making this stylish sedan look ferocious. Other Chinese tuners, take note.

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