Can You Believe That This Mercedes-Benz Has Its Own Driver's License?

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This car doesn't need you to drive.

In the US, when you become of age, you can get a driver's license from your state's respective DMV building. However, Mercedes-Benz has found a way to make the driver obsolete forever. At the current Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Mercedes announced that its 2017 E-Class has a driver's license of its own. That's right, this E-Class has a license to drive itself on Nevada's roads. The vehicle is expected to go on sale later this year as a 2017 model and will be unveiled next week at the 2016 Detroit Motor Show.


As we've seen, several states are requiring autonomous vehicles to meet an extensive list of requirements and Nevada requires vehicles with fully autonomous capabilities to have its own driver's license. According to Mercedes, the upcoming E-Class will be the first production vehicle to be granted a Nevada driver's license. Unlike other custom self-driving cars, the E-Class already comes with enough built-in features to drive itself without needed extensive modifications. However, models sold in Nevada will be different to ones offered in other states. Mercedes states that the vehicles will get "some smaller software modifications" to its control units.

As of this moment, the state of Nevada requires an individual to be behind the wheel of a car at all times. While that is currently the case, the E-Class is expected to come with more autonomous-driving features than any other vehicle in production. Mercedes stated that the car will be able to follow other vehicles at up to 124 mph, has some sort of "steering assistance," and be able to accelerate and brake all on its own. The German automaker also plans on offering a "Remote Parking Pilot" that will let the driver maneuver the vehicle in to a space using an app on their smartphone. This aforementioned parking feature will not be available in the US at launch.

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