Can You Guess How Much A Dodge Viper Costs In China?

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Whatever you're thinking: double it.

Given the taxes levied on western cars in the country, especially those on engines bigger than four liters, and the fact the Dodge Viper isn't officially sold in China, you can imagine it doesn't come cheap. And you'd be right. According to Car News China, this brand new model is on sale on Beijing's grey market for 2.98 million yuan, which equates to around $479,000. That's a monstrous difference from the $87,095 sticker price the car wears in the US.

Despite the ludicrous price, this is apparently the fourth car to be sold in the country, with the seller claiming the Viper can be legally registered, licensed and insured. And once this finds a buyer, there are more Vipers being lined up, which are being bought direct from dealers in California.

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