Can You Guess The 5 Rarest Porsche Models Ever Built?

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We'll give you a hint, number one is NOT a 911.

Who doesn't love a rare Porsche? We all dream about getting the chance to own or even just drive one of the many low-production models from the legendary German automaker. Some cars are rare because they have a unique option, but others are simply low-production. Have you ever wondered what the rarest factory production Porsche cars of all time are? Porsche has started an awesome top five web series and the very first episode counts down five incredibly rare Porsche models from its history. We were a bit surprised at some of the cars on the list.

We won't spoil any of the top five, so that you can have a chance to guess. What do you think are the lowest-production models that Porsche ever built? The Carrera GT? The 911 GT2 RS perhaps? You'll have to think a bit outside of the box to guess all five cars on this list.

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Coming in at number five is the 1992 964 911 Turbo S with only 86 units built. The number four slot belongs to the 924 Carrera GTS, which only had 50 units built for private racing. The first 924 Carrera GTS was white, and all 49 others were Indian Red. The third spot is one that some may already remember on CarBuzz, the 911 GT1. This GT1 race car had 21 road going examples that were built for homologation. Coming in at number two is the 1984 911 SC/RS, which was limited to 20 units. Finally, the number one spot belongs to the America Roadster, a lightweight version of the 356. Just 16 were built, and the rare car eventually led to the development of the 356 Speedster.

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