Can You Guess The Cheapest AMG Money Can Buy?

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Looking to ball on a budget? Look no further.

Mercedes-AMG, the high performance division of Mercedes-Benz, has made some of the most desirable modern cars of all time. Since 1993, when the legendary German automaker first announced its official partnership with AMG, this duo has turned out some fantastic vehicles that seem to effortlessly combine high standards of luxury and performance. Just the letters "AMG" bring to mind badass cars like the SL65, the SLS Black Series, and AMG GT.

There's only one problem in this equation: most of these models command outrageously high prices, making them inaccessible to most motorists. The 2016 AMG SL65, just as an example, starts at a base price of $217,550. Even a pretty worn-in 2012 SLS AMG with over 30k on the odometer can run you $150,000 in the US. This brings up a question for the rest of us: assuming that you're willing to pay the (probably hefty) maintenance costs, what's the cheapest way to own one of these cars? Although you can scour the Internet for a few exceptions, the answer is a mid-2000s Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG sedan. Let's take the 2006 model year car as an example. It's got a 5.4-liter V8 that churns out 469 horses stock.

Examples of this online can be readily found for about $13,000. Not convinced about the performance capabilities of this ride? Consider this video of it leaving a Nissan 350Z in the dust… while it's hauling a trailer.

Check out the cheapest sedan.

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