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Can You Guess The Price Of This Mad Max Dodge Viper SRT-10?

Think of it as half a project car and you're good to go.

If you’re looking to buy a Viper SRT-10 with only 9,000 miles and a clean title then look no further. Yes, this Viper is for sale on eBay and reportedly still runs despite a minor collision. Said collision bent the left hand frame rail back, but Cleveland Power and Performance (the seller) fixed the issue. The result is a Viper with a current bid of $8,569 and a Buy It Now price of $17,995. That's a savings of over $65,000 on the 2015 model!

Of course the money you save on this stripped 2005 Viper will have to be put towards other things. Like most project cars this one needs new doors, a hood, airbags…basically everything that separates cars from go karts. (Wait, that's not most project cars at all...) You’ll also have to tow it away yourself as the car is not street legal despite the fact that it runs fine. Yes it will be a bit breezy at first, but it's a frickin' Dodge Viper SRT-10 with a clean title and 9,000 miles for under $20,000!

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