Can You Guess The Top Option For New Car Buyers In America?

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Hints: It's not the leather fire extinguishers offered by Ferrari.

When it comes to options, we usually only focus on the most ostentatious ones. That means anything offered by Ferrari-including leather-wrapped fire extinguishers and carbon fiber cup holders-makes the cut. Of course only a fraction of the industry is dominated by supercars, and every automaker offers options, even on the lowliest of rides. So, what extra feature are Americans most willing to pay for? According to a study from AT&T and Ericsson, WiFi hotspot availability came in at No. 1. Americans really can't live without their Internet.

AT&T has a big stake in making in-car Internet a thing, so take these results with a grain of salt. Also, a WiFi hotspot doesn't turn your car into a laptop. While device connected to the hotspot can be use the Internet fully, the car itself only accesses the Internet via pre-approved apps. That means setting your fantasy football lineup in traffic is out but streaming music is a-go. Fully autonomous cars are the next big thing but they're still years away. The next big immediate thing is connected cars. Don't be shocked if one day "Netflix and chill" moves from the couch to the backseat or if your car sends you push notifications while you're driving it. Also, we know these are photos of supercars and not cup holders or fire extinguishers. Sue us.

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