Can You Guess What This Fire-Wrecked Supercar Used To Be?

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Clue: It was not made in China.

Obliterated almost beyond recognition, this melted, twisted lump of metal is the result of an engine fire that, according to Car News China, engulfed the whole car in flames in just a matter of seconds. If you haven't guessed by now, the sorry-looking supercar is a Lamborghini Gallardo and was bought for $644,000 just two months before. The driver, the owner's younger brother, escaped with minor injuries but will unlikely ever be trusted with a car from his sibling again.

After fire engines arrived, the Gallardo was battered with foam leaving onlookers that emerged from local drinking holes thinking a snow storm had just hit. No guys, that's just a supercar burnt to a crisp floating in foam.

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