Can You Guess Where This Stunning Black And Chrome Bugatti Veyron Is On Sale?

This shiny hypercar doesn’t need a wrap.

The Bugatti Veyron is an unmistakable hypercar that demandsrespect in all parts of the world. Bugatti has sold over 450 examples of the Veyron,which doesn’t exactly make the hypercar the rarest vehicle on the planet. Tomake the Veyron even more formidable on the road, owners decked the hypercarsout in stunning two-tone schemes like this black and chrome example. Thanks to Dealson Wheels in Dubai, somebody can get now their hands on this chrome beast.

Unlike other Veyrons, this sample’s front wheel arches, fuelcap, doors, wheels, engine air intakes and wing mirrors are all adorned with chrome.The rest of the vehicle is finished in gloss black for a truly imposing look. Onthe inside, the Veyron features light tan leather throughout, along with aluminum components on the center console and steeringwheel. To make this Veyron even more special, the vehicle only has 2,550 mileson it, which means that it’s barely broken in. Any guesses on how much this low-mileagehypercar will go for? The car dealership is asking a whopping $1.29 million forthe quad-turbocharged W16 monster.

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