Can You Guess Which Automaker Has The Most Satisfied Customers?

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We'll give you a hint: its an American brand.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index in Ann Arbor, Michigan surveys consumers to see which brands have the highest satisfaction in their respective industries. This year, the results of the survey for the automotive industry showed that Lincoln has the most satisfied customers. The American luxury brand led automakers with a satisfaction score of 87% (up from 82% in 2015). Honda ranked second with 86% and BMW finished third with 85%. Out of the three US automakers, Ford beat out GM with a score of 81% and FCA with 78%.


Volkswagen, which has been dealing with the Dieselgate scandal, dropped 2% to 78% satisfaction. ASCI director David Van Amburg says that "The combination of fines and fallen stock price are a big hit to Volkswagen's finances, but it may prove even harder to recover from the reputational hit the company will take for deceiving customers and the general public" and that "Many customers or would-be customers could be turned-off of VW for life and it's hard to put a value on that." The study also showed that mass-market brands are catching up in satisfaction, which may indicate that buyers don't see a big reason to pay more for a luxury car. If the differences are small, why pay more?

US automakers are also catching up to Korean and Japanese automakers. US automakers scored 81% overall satisfaction, compared to just 82% for Japanese and Korean companies. There are obviously many other things to look at when buying a car other than customer satisfaction, but you can't deny that a company with happy customers is probably in a good place.


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