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Can You Guess Which Automaker Is The Safest In The World?

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This company has earned more IIHS safety awards than any other automaker.

While many automakers compete to have the fastest lap times around the Nurburgring, other automakers place their focus on being recognized as the safest automaker in the world. Volvo has gained a reputation as a company that is pathologically obsessed with safety, but the Swedish automaker was dethroned by Mazda back in 2017 as the safest automaker.

Mazda earned the distinction of the safest automaker in the US by having every one of its models earn the coveted Top Safety Pick+ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This year, a different automaker is claiming to be the safest automaker in the US, not because every model has earned the Top Safety Pick+ rating, but by virtue of earning the most Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ ratings. Can you guess which automaker it is yet?

A total of 10 Hyundai models have won the TSP and TSP+ ratings for 2018 (when equipped with optional front crash protection and specific headlights), more than any other automaker. The news came after the IIHS awarded the 2019 Santa Fe with a TSP+ rating and gave the 2019 Accent a TSP rating. The Sante Fe trophy will be presented to Hyundai at the company's Alabama assembly plant where the SUV is built.

The list of Hyundai models with a TSP+ rating includes the 2019 Santa Fe, 2018 Sonata, 2018 Kona, 2018 Santa Fe, 2018 Santa Fe Sport, and 2018 Elantra. The 2019 Accent, 2018 Elantra GT, 2018 Ioniq Hybrid, and 2018 Tucson earned TSP ratings as well.

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It is worth noting that Hyundai did have to count the 2018 and 2019 versions of the Sante Fe to reach the magic 10 number, putting it just ahead of its corporate sibling, Kia. Those ratings also come with specific stipulations such as having optional headlights or front crash prevention technology. We don't want to take too much away from Hyundai for building so many safe cars, but Kia, Toyota, and Subaru aren't far behind.