Can You Guess Which Automaker Led The World In Sales For November?

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Here's a hint: it's not Volkswagen.

Before Volkswagen's diesel scandal, the automaker was in a heated battle to sell the most vehicles through 2015. According to a report by Reuters, Toyota Motor Corporation outsold Volkswagen for the fifth consecutive month in November. Thanks to VW's mishap, the Japanese automaker is on track to remain the world's top-selling automaker in 2015. Toyota stated that vehicles sales totaled 9.21 million through the January to November period in 2015, while VW delivered 9.10 million units during the same period.

Ever since July, Toyota has continuously outsold the German automaker on a year-to-date basis. Earlier this month, VW admitted that its automotive sales dropped 2.2-percent year-on-year in November, which extends the decrease in sales for the automaker since October. Group sales at Toyota in 2015 through November fell 1.0 percent from the previous year, while VW group sales fell 1.7 percent. It's safe to assume that VW might have been able to given Toyota a run for its money if it weren't for the emissions saga.

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