Can You Guess Which Cars Made Jeremy Clarkson's Top 10 List?


Pretty hard to argue with Jezza about his taste in cars.

In a recent article for his car review column in The Sunday Times, Jeremy Clarkson decided to share with us his top 10 favorite cars of the last year (or so). According to Clarkson, his presenting partner James May calls the feeling brought on by driving a well-made car "the fizz," with said feeling localized in May's manhood. Seriously. While some of us have been fortunate enough to drive a few rides that invoke this elusive reaction, other poor drivers have been stuck with a lifetime of boring rides.


Luckily, not every fizz-inducing car is expensive, meaning that drivers on a budget should be able to find automotive nirvana with Clarkson's guidance. Some of his picks are fairly predictable. We see driver favorites like the Ferrari 488 GTB make an appearance alongside the Alfa Romeo 4C, Mazda MX-5 Miata, BMW M2, Mercedes-AMG GT S, and Ford Focus RS. But some of his other choices leave us scratching our heads, especially since the Volvo XC90 (Clarkson has actually owned three of them) and Vauxhall Zafira Tourer aren't the first things we think of when it comes to driver's cars. However, as a fair and balanced reporter, he must throw in a family hauler or two.

That doesn't mean that all of his picks are intelligent and boring choices, though. Clarkson hasn't always been known to make choices based on logic alone. No, he's known for his childish and emotion-based decisions that can sometimes lead to unfortunate ends. Speaking on behalf of his less rational brain are cars like the Ford Mustang GT and Lamborghini Aventador. Both of these vehicles aren't the most engaging machines for precision-loving drivers but they still send shivers down any gearhead's spine. For the most part, we can't hate any of the cars on this list (calm down Porsche fans, you win every other round), although being based in the US it's a bit tough to gauge how good a car the Zafira is.

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