Can You Guess Which Viper Comes Inches From A Devastating Crash?

Incredible reflexes prevent an awful wreck.

We have said many times that driving in a straight line can be difficult. Sometimes we’re sarcastic, such as when a supercar owner who is showing off in traffic loses control. But mostly we’re being serious. Cars with tons of horsepower that are driven like hell in a straight line can be very dangerous. This video features the Dodge Viper, a car basically only built to go forward. According to the YouTube comments here the black Viper had a broken differential which may have caused his two near-misses.

The first one is incredible as the Viper comes inches from the concrete barrier. The second one isn’t as awesome for the eyes but is more dangerous as the driver swerves into adjacent lane. Hopefully this person got off the drag strip afterwards as this Viper seems like an accident waiting to happen.

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