Can You Guess Who Designed This Awesome New Huracan Kit?

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We doubt you'll guess right.

Since the Lamborghini Huracan made its debut in 2014, tuners have had plenty of fun modifying the aesthetics and tuning of the supercar. We've seen everything from DMC's extreme Stage 3 styling kit for the Huracan to an awesome aftermarket body kit from Novitec. Now some lesser-known tuners are stepping into the ring and putting creative, new spins on the Italian-bred supercar. These pictures showcase the latest body styling creation for the Huracan by Canadian tuner Duke Dynamics.

The kit, dubbed the "Arrow," features carbon fiber front and rear bumpers and sides skirts. The larger air ducts as well as the massive rear wing give the Huracan a clean and more aggressive look that is sure to turn heads. We love how the new body pieces seem to flow with the shape of the car's body. Another fantastic detail on the spec of this particular Lamborghini is the the Italian flags painted onto the sides of the carbon fiber rear wing. What do you think of this kit?

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