Can You Guess Why This BMW Got The Name "Tron8"?


SS Customs creates an even-more-futuristic i8.

With a car like the BMW i8, it doesn't take much aftermarket work to create anything that resembles a time machine, space ship, UFO or any other association you might have with that devious term called 'the future.' But taking this idea to the extreme, SS Customs of California has just released images of a new project, a BMW i8 which has received the name "Tron8." And while the original movie depicted a character who was lost in a futuristic environment and was trying to escape, we're pretty sure the owner of this BMW will be happy right where he is.

The Tron8, which was originally an i8 that left the factory with gloss black paint, has received a Satin Clear wrap that has tainted it into a more aggressive matte finish. 3M Reflective and Blue Chrome accents can also be found, mostly along the front bumper, grille, side skirts and rear. To finish off the menacing futuristic creation, SS Customs fit the car with Aristo Collection 22-inch wheels. If this is a glimpse into the future, we'll definitely stick around to see what comes next.

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