Can You Manipulate Traffic Lights In Your Favor?

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Sometimes you can sit at a red light for what seems like ages even though you're the only car at the intersection. Why is that?

Red lights are a necessity out there on the world's roads. They regulate the traffic and allow people travelling from other directions a chance to cross your path without any carnage happening. For some of us they're the perfect way to kick off an impromptu TLGP (Traffic Light Grand Prix) when you're lined up against a rival motorist. But what about when there are no other cars around? Sometimes a red light can take forever to change. Why is that?

Well, you might simply not be metal enough. No, you don't need to listen to more Metallica, your car just isn't playing ball with the mechanisms used.

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The video explains what's afoot under your foot, and why it is that the lights stay as they are when you pull up. Of course there are a few different systems in place that control the way traffic lights work. You can try controlling things with your mind, and sometimes it seems that sheer will alone does work, but that's just all in your head. We certainly learned something here, and are happy with the fact that it's not just karma messing with us for driving too fast.

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