Can You Name All The Supercars In This Doha Cruise Video?

Supercars are basically required if you want to cruise in the Middle East.

The rich of the Middle East do everything at a higher level,so you’d better believe that a cruise through the city of Doha is going toinvolve some supercars. This video, shot with a series of GoPros, shows ahandful of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Aston Martins and a Rolls-Royce (for goodmeasure) cruising through the Qatari capital city at night. Engines are revving and thedrivers are fully geared out in their best thawbs. It's safe to say this cruise turned a hijab or two.

Supercars are all too common in the Middle East, but rarely do you see them casually out and about in abundance. If only the owners were powerful enough to empty the streets for a race...

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