Can You Spot the New Outlander's 100 Design and Engineering Improvements?

Mitsubishi is sure hoping its customers can.

Mitsubishi is hoping that buyers notice the substantial facelift it has given the 2016 Outlander. The refreshed crossover hit the 2015 New York Auto Show on the same day as the 2016 Maxima, so it slipped under the radar somewhat. While its thunder may have been stolen, the new Outlander does look damn good from the front, which has been completely redesigned in almost every way imaginable.

The new look front-end is dubbed "Dyanmic Shield" and is inspired by the Montero. Just about everything is new, including the fenders, all the lights and the 18-inch alloy wheels. Hell, even the mirrors and windshield wipers were updated for good measure. All of these new bits make the 2016 Outlander look sexier and tougher, although anything is an improvement over the sleep-inducing look of the 2015 version. The crossover also features a redesigned steering wheel, seating surfaces and display audio system. Additional soundproofing has been added to the windshield and rear glass door to ensure a quieter ride.

Performance-wise the new Outlander’s continuously variable transmission will offer better acceleration, performance, shift feel and torque delivery. No increase in horsepower was mentioned, so it's reasonable to expect performance from the 2015 models (three trims at 166 hp and one at 244 hp) to carry over. While the Outlander may not be the sexiest or tech-savviest crossover/SUV out there it is Mitsubishi’s top-selling model. The automaker has been experiencing a surge in sales recently, so a refresh makes sense. Its new look should help the Outlander appeal to more than just those who want a cheap crossover that can seat seven.

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