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Can You Take A Guess At What One Of The Most Dangerous Parts Of A Car Is?

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Alone it's responsible for more than 78,000 accidents per year.

Rip roaring horsepower and expensive carbon fiber tubs make for great experiences on race tracks and open country roads, but none of that supercar technology is any good if the rubber it all sits on can't handle it. According to this entertaining PSA put together by Donut Media, tires cause 500 deaths per year and a total of 78,000 accidents within the same time frame. And even with those kinds of statistics are a huge improvement over what they used to be, all because of motorsports.

It's a bit ironic that it's Donut Media making this advert because the YouTube channel is better known for tire torturing compilations and all around hooliganry, but it's touting the advantages of racing so at least it's within the channel's character.

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Even NASCAR brings something to the table here, in this case tire safety liner that stops disastrous accidents during a blowout. Formula 1 is responsible for the implementation of wheel tethers that reduce the chance of losing the wheels, which is the last thing a driver wants to experience when undergoing multiple Gs of cornering force. Even with all the safety innovation in the world, nothing can replace old fashioned vigilance. So as much as we love to act as if the sole purpose in a tire's life is to be burned up into a cloud of smoke, try and take care of your set by keeping them properly pressurized, well secured, away from sharp objects, and fresh.