Canada's Bruiser Gets A Facelift

Armored Car

The Conquest Vehicles Knight XV has received a facelift and a new set of standard equipment for 2012.

Conquest Vehicles, the Toronto-based maker of armored luxury SUV's, has announced that their Knight XV will be getting a facelift for 2012. The price is now up to $629,000 (US), but it now comes standard with several features which used to be optional. The Knight XV is now longer and wider as well, despite being almost comically huge already. The wheelbase remains unchanged, but the interior as well as cockpit space has been increased.

Standard equipment now includes a new air ride suspension, front power windows and roof mounted, joystick controlled, 360-degree searchlights. There are now two option packages as well, Luxury Group and Security Group. The Luxury Group includes such necessities as a retractable ballistic glass partition, retractable flat screen TV and your choice of Playstation3 or Xbox. There is an available VIP add-on package to go with the Luxury Group which includes a decanter bar, cooler box and cigar humidor. The Security Group takes a much more no-nonsense approach to the vehicle.

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It includes extra armoring, a positive pressure system to protect against gas attacks, and a whole array of cameras and bomb detection equipment. It sure ain't cheap, but it's quite a vehicle.