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Canada’s Only Lamborghini Reventon, Production Number 3, For Sale in Vancouver


Sure, Canada didn’t get many, but one is still more than most countries got.

We have very few details about the Lamborghini Reventon that recently popped up for sale in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. But then, the owner wouldn’t need to release many details, as things like mileage or even price are fairly irrelevant when selling something this rare. It will sell no matter what. This is the only Reventon to have been shipped to Canada when new, although half of the 20-unit production run went just next door to the US.

While the Reventon was mechanically identical to the Murcielago LP640, the body was vastly changed, marking the beginning of Lamborghini’s design department’s fascination with stealth fighter styling (note: not a bad thing). More advanced materials were used for the Reventon as well, and in many ways it was a preview for what was in store when the Aventador debuted. Whether this particular car will stay in Canada after the sale is a matter of speculation, people would be willing to travel for a car like this, and Chinese buyers never did have much of a chance to buy one.

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