Canadian Builds World's Lightest '69 Mustang

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An artist and Mustang enthusiast has built his own Mustang out of paper.

Canadian artist Jonathan Brand had to part with his first Mustang in order to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring. Now he has decided to build a Mustang to replace the one he sold, although it won't be exactly the same. The new car is being made entirely out of paper, designed on a computer and then printed out, cut and glued by hand. The design was done almost entirely from Brand's memory, with a few photos used for reference.

The level of detail is truly amazing; with a paper engine and paper spark plugs, and even separate tires and rims. The work of paper art is called "One Piece at a Time", named for the Johnny Cash song about a man who builds his own Cadillac out of parts he had stolen from the assembly line where he works. The car in Cash's song turns out to be a bit of a disaster, but it looks like Brand's project is much better thought out. We just hope that when Brand his now-fiancé have a son, they don't name him Sue.

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