Can't Wait For An F-150 Raptor R? PaxPower Will Build You One Right Now With 770 HP

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Turn your existing Raptor into a Raptor R with the help of PaxPower.

Are you struggling to find the current Ford F-150 Raptor at a reasonable price? We're hardly surprised, given the current shortages and the resulting dealer markups. Hefty markups on Raptors started more than a year ago, and the situation has only escalated since then. We can only imagine what dealers will charge over and above the MSRP of the upcoming Raptor R.

There is now an easy solution to get F-150 Raptor R performance with a lot less hassle and without the wait. All you need is a 2021 to 2023 F-150 SuperCrew with four-wheel-drive and the small 5.5-foot bed. You then hand it over to PaxPower, and it transforms the donor truck into an OEM specification Raptor or Raptor R, with up to 770 horsepower.


Actually, the part about the truck being OEM spec isn't exactly true. If you opt for the V8 option, the 770 hp you get is more than the Raptor R (and the Ram TRX) can muster. PaxPower uses the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 and bolts a 3.0-liter Whipple supercharger on top. A cat-back exhaust ensures it growls a lot harder than Ford's Raptor R.

The more laid-back EcoBoost engine option (for regular Raptor spec) is tuned to provide 500 hp and 625 lb-ft of torque. That's a sizeable increase from the Ford-built Raptor's 450 hp and 510 lb-ft. And you can even get an upgrade on the PowerBoost Hybrid variant, too, although outputs are unconfirmed.

Putting the two trucks side by side, it's hard to tell the difference. PaxPower adds a complete third-generation Raptor body kit, including the grille, fender flares, grille and fascia, bumpers, and skid plates. You can also customize a unique color, and PaxPower claims its paint quality is better than OEM.

PaxPower PaxPower

We all know the Raptor's suspension is just as crucial as its powertrain, and that's why the PaxPower Raptor gets the complete OEM conversion, including Fox Raptor shocks with internal bypass technology. Instead of the five-link rear setup on the OEM third-gen Raptor, you get Gen 2 Raptor rear leaf springs and upper and lower control arms. The front axles and steering links appear to be sourced from the current Raptor, however.

Should you want to jump your PaxPower Raptor a little higher and harder, you can also spec various OEM and aftermarket upgrades to the shocks, control arms, and leaf springs.

Two tire sizes are available. You can get 17-inch wheels with 35-inch off-road tires or 20-inch wheels with 37-inch rubber.

PaxPower also has several accessories available, including a custom leather interior, bumper upgrades, different front bumper designs, LED light bars, bed covers, and an Addictive Desert Design Chase Rack, to which you can mount a spare tire.

PaxPower PaxPower

It's a highly alluring way of getting a Raptor or Raptor R early, but there are two things you need to be aware of. If you choose the right donor car, you will get a Raptor with Ford's BlueCruise. The latter is Ford's latest advanced driver-assistance system, which allows for hands-free driving on pre-mapped highways.

The Raptor and Raptor R can't be equipped with BlueCruise, because the system is not compatible with the Raptor's off-road driving software.

That brings us neatly to the second thing you should know. If you opt for a Raptor made by PaxPower, you won't get the full suite of Raptor driving modes, including the famous Baja mode.

Pricing ranges from $45,000-$75,000 depending on power level and options - excluding the price of the donor truck. That means you pay around $90k for the V6 version all-in. Yes, it's expensive, but you don't have to wait forever and deal with dealer markups.

So, what do you think? Get a Raptor now, or wait for the real deal?


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