Caparo T1 Evolution Pricing Revealed

700 horsepower and "race DNA" doesn't come cheap.

Acouple of weeks ago, we told you about the development of the Caparo T1Evolution, the next incarnation of the already-insane Caparo T1. Now, thecompany has revealed how much this little packet of pleasure is going to cost,and it isn't cheap. Dwarfing the $400,000 sticker price of thecurrent 575 horsepower T1, the 700 hp Evolution will start at 1.1 million Euros($1.5 million). Beyond its immense power, the Evolution promises to deliversome more goodies for its price.

There should be some noticeable changes to its exterior, in addition tosuspension and chassis upgrades and a new interior with street-oriented comfortslike an infotainment system. If you've got a million and a half to spare,Caparo's website is already accepting early orders.

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