Captain America Will Drive A Subaru Impreza WRX STI In New Twisted Metal TV Show

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Here's your first glimpse of the new Twisted Metal TV Show.

If you're a 40-something who owned a Sony PlayStation during the mid-90s, we've got some good news for you. The beloved and bloody Twisted Metal franchise will debut as a TV series on Peacock in July.

Anthony Mackie stars as John Doe, and he's joined by Stephanie Beatriz, Neve Campbell, and Thomas Haden Church. Will Arnett will voice the Sweet Tooth, the nightmare-inducing clown that has been part of the game since its debut in 1995.

Those who played the game will remember the lack of a plot. You simply chose a car, bolted a machine gun to the hood, and shot all the other guys in a post-apocalyptic destruction derby-like event. The winner was the only one not blown to a million pieces, which is precisely what motorsport will probably be like after the apocalypse.


For a TV show, you need a plot. According to Variety, Anthony Mackie's John Doe has to deliver a mysterious package in the post-apocalyptic world you see in the trailer above. It's a remarkably simple plot, and we dig it. While delivering said package, he'll likely encounter the actors mentioned earlier, trying to blow his car to pieces using their own homemade post-apocalyptic commuters. When it comes to action films, a simple plot is always better. Remember, the events of John Wick kicked off because they killed his dog and stole his Mustang.

The car casting is perfect. Doe drives a bug-eye Subaru WRX STI, the ideal car for the landscape: brisk acceleration, loads of grip, and a large trunk for the mysterious package.

Mackie won't be behind the wheel for the most dangerous parts, however. Aaron Parker, a pro drifter and good friend of Mad Mike Whiddett, landed the gig of being Mackie's stunt driver.

Sweet Tooth is sticking to his creepy ice cream van, and as you can see from the trailer, the TV show is likely not intended for minors.

Twisted Metal has been stuck in development hell for ages. The first attempt (2012) to put it on the big screen failed because the producers didn't think the game had a large enough following to warrant a significant investment. It inspired the Slaughter Race universe in Ralph Breaks the Internet, so that's something.

Recent events must have inspired producers to rethink their stance on the matter. The Last Of Us proved that jumping mediums can be done effectively, and car movies are, like, so hot right now. The latest installment of the Fast & Furious franchise is around the corner, and it will likely make a billion. Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton are working on a fictional F1 movie, while Keanu Reeves is in post-production with a Brawn documentary.

The time is right to blend the two together, and we can't wait to see the carnage the Peacock comes up with.


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