Captain America Vs. Iron Man: Who Has The Coolest Cars?


This is a no brainer, surely?

For fans of Marvel's Avengers, Robert Downey Jr. is the coolest man on Earth. Not only does Downey get to play a superhero, that superhero's "secret" identity is Tony Stark, a billionaire, genius, philanthropist. In real life, Downey acts a lot like his character, making him perfect for the role. He even has an insane car collection that rivals his on-screen counterpart. In the upcoming movie, Captain America Civil War, Tony Stark will go head to head with Captain America played by Chris Evans. So we asked the question, which hero has the best cars?

Let's start off with Robert Downey Jr. Like Tony Stark, Downey has many vehicles in his collection. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Downey revealed at his home in Malibu his collection includes a Porsche, Corvette, Ford F-150, Bentley, Volvo Woody, Boss 302 Mustang, Mercedes Pagoda, several Audis, and a GTI. Quite a collection right? Iron Man drove an Audi R8 in the movies and Robert Downey Jr. drives one in real life as well. Downey also says the Audi A7 is "arguably one of the greatest cars ever made" and bought his GTI after the success of the Ironman movies. Yeah, the GTI is just THAT good! Chris Evans may be pretty cool, but keeping up with his costar's collection won't be easy.

In fact, we could only find two cars owned by Captain America star Chris Evans. For a daily driver, Evans has been seen in a white Lexus ES350. Say what you want about it being a boring choice, but the ES350 has S-Class level room and comfort at an affordable price. Why would a celebrity buy one over an S-Class? Maybe because it's discrete, who knows? Either way, we couldn't believe that Captain America just drove a Lexus around. Luckily, that is not Evan's only car. He also runs around in a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. There we go, it doesn't get more 'MURICA than that. While this "collection" may be smaller that Robert Downey's, that might not be such a bad thing.


Just because you can afford a ton of cars, doesn't mean you know everything about them all. When talking about his cars in the interview, Downey seems to refer to his cars in weird ways, once calling his A7 an R7. This is probably a simple mistake that occurred in an article that really wasn't all about his cars, but we still get the feeling that Downey doesn't know all that much about the cars he buys. The Bentley, for example was just given to him in lieu of back-payment for Iron Man 3. Either way, it seems like both of these actors have cars that suit their on screen personality. We can't wait to see which one wins in the upcoming movie.

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