Captain Slow is Buying a BMW i3

Is Top Gear's James May betraying gearheads?

Many TV and movie stars are now driving EVs and plug-in hybrids. Go to Beverly Hills and you’ll see plenty of them behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S or even a Fisker Karma. Even Leonardo DiCaprio invested (unwisely) in Fisker. That's what happens sometimes if you're good friends with Al Gore. But now we’re hearing reports that Top Gear’s James May is in the market for a new BMW i3. What’s more, he wants an i3 with the range extender. Shocked? Feel betrayed? Well, this is Captain Slow after all.

He actually sounds quite excited to get behind the wheel of his new ride, stating that "we’ve known for a long time that the electric motor is the ideal way to propel an electric car. We’re discovering that there’s a different sort of pleasure in motoring in an electric car because of the smoothness, the silence." However, May still addressed some EV issues: "In terms of technology, the electric car works perfectly well. The problem is still electricity, the difficulty charging, the difficulty storing it." And his bottom line conclusion regarding that: "You still need to think ahead."

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