Captain Slow Just Got Busted For Speeding


Maybe James May needs a new nickname?

For anyone who has ever watched "Top Gear," James May needs no introduction. May's nickname is Captain Slow because he would often refuse to drive as quickly as Richard Hammond or Jeremy Clarkson on the show. However, it seems as though this nickname may not be so fitting anymore because the former "Top Gear" host was just caught speeding in London. May was pulled over just moments after buying a new motorcycle. He tweeted: "It's a fair cop," and that "[he'll] come quietly." He also included a map of where he was pulled over in his tweet.

The Daily Mail caught up with May to get more details on his ticket. He called the incident a "bit shameful, really" because he was pulled over just 16 miles after buying a brand new bike. "I try to respect speed limits and rules in urban areas," he said. "Out on the motorways and in the country it's a bit different, but I try to abide by the rules in the city." He also said the road he was pulled over on used to have a speed limit of 40 mph but that it was recently brought down to 30 mph. May says that he will be taking the speeding awareness course rather than taking points on his license because he already has three. His "The Grand Tour" co-hosts Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond have a history of speeding and were even banned from driving in France.

Clarkson has even been quoted as saying, "The speed limit's annoying for people who have a job to do." While we would tend to agree, Clarkson was pulled over while doing 186 mph. He was going so fast that he was not even offered the option to take a class. He had to take the point on his license. When your job is to drive cars for a living, sometimes speed limits just don't make sense. Too bad the police don't care about your job reviewing cars. Even if you used to be on "Top Gear."

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