Car Community Buys Young Autistic Photographer His First Car

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And it's a good one.

Cars have a tendency to bring people together. Whether it be a bunch of guys in their Honda Civics vaping in a 7-11 parking lot, Rolls-Royce owners making power moves at Pebble Beach, or just 4x4 owners meeting up at a local mud pit, these machines have an uncanny ability to create communities. In many cases, these meetings result in lifelong friendships.

The story of Nicholas Lin being gifted a Nissan 350Z perfectly encapsulates what we love so much about the car community and one that will make you believe in the scene all over again.

Lin, a Bend, Oregon local, has been involved in the local car scene ever since his mom bought him a camera for his 16th birthday. Nicholas took to the car photography scene like a Subaru owner to a Juul and has never looked back since. Lin's Mom told Motor Trend that due to his autism, Nicholas has struggled to make friends his entire life, but ever since joining the car scene, and attending events, he has been welcomed by the community.

His media company, Sending It Media continues to cover all the local events and car builders. The only thing missing from Lin's life was his own build, and that dream recently came true for the 20-year-old car nut.

Sending It Media/YouTube

Lin was recently invited to cover an event where, unbeknownst to him, 19 auto shops in the area had come together to donate him his very own Nissan 350Z project car. The car was purchased online, and all of his friends contributed to cleaning it up and getting it ready for its worthy new owner. Lin's face says it all in the unveiling video edited by Sullins Shoots. Since the unveiling, Lin has already created an Instagram channel for his new whip. These acts of kindness are a solid reminder of why we love cars and that people aren't all that bad, even when the car community can be so cold.

Sending It Media/YouTube

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