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CAR Compares FF, Range Rover, Phantom, Bentley and Rapide

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Car magazine puts the new Range Rover into perspective by driving it against its most unlikely competitors.

There's lots of talk about this car being comparable to that car, or this automaker targeting that one with a new product that's essentially the same as its rival but with a different badge. And that can make the basis of some interesting comparison tests. But in its latest show-down, Britain's Car magazine took a different approach: which car, cost-no-object, would you choose to transport you and three or four of your closest friends or family members in the height of luxury?

The possible answers were taken from all corners of the automobile market to include the Ferrari FF, the new Range Rover, the Rolls-Royce Phantom, the Bentley Mulsanne and the Aston Martin Rapide.

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Granted, most of these (all but one, really) are British products, but you can't blame the magazine's editors for liking what their country produces. They're also (with the arguable exception of the Rolls and the Bentley) very different vehicles: shooting brake, SUV, limousine and four-door coupe. The video doesn't provide any answers - you'll need to buy the latest issue of the magazine to find that out - but it is an artfully-constructed two-minute clip that shows just how much choice there is when you've got all the money in the world.