Car Dealership Offers Free AR-15s With Select Purchases


The promotion has been running since mid-May.

A used car dealership in Rochester, New Hampshire, is catching some heat online for giving away an AR-15 with the purchase of a qualifying vehicle. Hagan's Motor Pool has been running the promotion since mid-May but has recently gained widespread attention thanks to the tragic mass shooting that took place at Orlando gay nightclub Pulse. While the two events have nothing to do with each other, some people are upset by the promotion and are commenting on the dealership's Facebook page.

Hagan's Motor Pool is owned by Mike Hagan, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. For him, the promotion is all about business, with Hagan telling the New York Daily News that "guns are popular in our area." He also said he reached out to customers and community members before launching the promo and briefly considered stopping it in the wake of the Pulse tragedy. However, after talking with community members Hagan decided to keep the promotion going. The AR-15s are only available on select cars and the dealership itself doesn't hand out the guns. It also reserves the right to refuse a sale if any customer seems suspicious or off. After buying a car customers visit the local gun shop and then send Hagan the bill.

So far Hagan has given away four AR-15s and one 9mm pistol, an alternative option to the assault rifle. This isn't the first time a dealership has given away guns and it definitely won't be the last. Why? Because giving away guns brings in business and attracts attention. "It's absolutely helping out sales - whether or not people like what we're doing," Hagan said. CarBuzz is obviously a car site and not a political site, so we'll let you (the readers) decide whether or not this promotion is in poor taste. Just be sure to keep things civil in the comments section.

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