Car Drivers Beware: Challenge a Bus to a Duel and You Will Lose


Every time.

Things got a little heated down in Chile last week, when a VW Golf driver squared up to a bus driver in Renca, Santiago following a minor fender bender. Nonplussed that he'd knocked the hatchback, the bus driver wasn't taking any shit from the student who made the rookie mistake of trying to block the bus with his hatchback. The bus driver then told him to move. In no uncertain terms. "I'm gonna bend all your shit and you're gonna lose." Ignoring his threat, a guy got out the Golf and smashed in a bus window. Bad move.

The bus driver just floors the throttle pedal, ramming the hatch clean out the way, disappearing into the distance as the students are left standing on the side of the road like a couple of chumps.

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