Car Fanatics Fourth Of July Party Got Way Out Of Control

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We're talking celebratory gunfire, riots, and rings of tire fire.

It appears "Fast and Furious" movie culture has gotten to some people's heads. Unfortunately, what you're about to see isn't from some Hollywood blockbuster but rather a reality check of the situation that battered Oakland, California last weekend. According to local news affiliate ABC 7, there was "12 hours of non-stop chaos" in the city during the Fourth of July Weekend. Oakland's police chief said it was the most violent he'd seen in 20 years.

It wasn't just illegal fireworks that caused the mayhem, but also celebratory gunfire, looting, and at least seven shootings that left two people dead and others critically injured.

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Bullets that fell from the sky because of the so-called "celebrations" caused some of the injuries. Several fires were also started due to illegal fireworks. To top it all off, around 300 cars, including more than one fourth-generation Ford Mustang, gathered in what appears to be a parking lot near an intersection for an extreme drifting competition, if you will.

They managed to leave "giant rings of fire" because, you know, it was one long weekend party. One man was critically injured after getting struck by a car. It's actually shocking no one else was hurt or even killed in this manner.

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A city council member, upon seeing the footage, believes the state, county, and city need to join forces to prevent these kinds of things from happening in the future. Preventing car sideshows like this may require confiscating vehicles.

"Unless I get some pushback, or I know I'm going to lose my car, I won't change my behavior," the council member said. Everything that happened certainly sounds and looks bad, but it's been worse. The report states incidents were actually down by 40 percent this year compared to last year's celebrations.

Celebrating America's independence should be a fun and safe time for everyone, but actions like these simply ruin it for everyone.

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Source Credits: ABC News 7

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