Car Gets Dragged By Truck For Four Miles In Freak Highway Accident

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Seriously, how did this daydreaming truck driver not notice he was dragging a car?

Traffic accidents don't get more absurd than this bizarre scene on a California highway captured by a dash cam. How the accident happened remains a mystery, but the driver of a Nissan Maxima sedan somehow got wedged under a semi truck towing two trailers of cargo. Incredibly, the helpless driver in the smashed sedan was dragged for four miles – but the driver of the truck apparently didn't even notice, and continued driving down the highway obliviously.

How the truck driver allegedly didn't notice the unfolding drama is beyond us – the car surely would have been visible in his side mirror, and the scene caused a lot of commotion on the highway which is hard to ignore, as the panicked car driver shouted for help and other drivers honked their horns to alert the oblivious truck driver.

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It wasn't until another car pulled in front of the truck and forced it to stop that the truck driver realized they had been dragging a crumpled car for four miles. Keep watching the video, and you'll see the truck driver get confronted by the driver who filmed the incident and insist they didn't see the car. Police aren't treating the accident as a criminal offence, but what's most important is that no one was hurt in this freak accident – though the same can't be said for the mangled Nissan.

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