Car-Mod Atrocities: $800 Franken-Civic Looks Like A Terrifying Way To Die

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Somehow, this is being sold as a running vehicle.

Whatever compelled the creator of this Honda Civic monstrosity is beyond us. Maybe they couldn't afford a Can-Am Spyder or a Polaris Slingshot. Whatever it is, they built a very dubious contraption at best.

Lovingly nicknamed by its owners as "The Thing," this half-2000 Honda Civic, half-jumbled collection of scrap metal and spare automotive parts, runs, stops, shifts gears, and goes down the road, according to the seller.

The car (if you can call it that) is listed on Facebook Marketplace, and if you're interested, you'll have to pick it up from Nashville. No, you're not going to have a trip to Tennessee and watch a few country music shows on the side; this Nashville is in Arkansas.

Shawn Rigler/ Facebook Marketplace Shawn Rigler/ Facebook Marketplace

The front half (from the B pillar forward) looks like a perfectly stock EK-generation Honda Civic that can be tuned to astronomic numbers. The rear end is a fine example of backyard engineering, with a rusty tubular subframe supporting what seems to be lower control arms attached to coilover suspension. By the looks of it, fixing a flat tire on the rear of this thing will be a real pain. There is also a piece of plywood that separates the cabin from the rear subframe.

The seller says it was at one time a daily driver, which makes us wonder if they ever tried to register it nd if the DMV allowed it on public roads. How much of it stays together when it gets to the destination is another question, as the listing states it has cracked welds.

Shawn Rigler/ Facebook Marketplace Shawn Rigler/ Facebook Marketplace

The seller, who's had 30,000 hits on Facebook Marketplace and 150 messages, held it off for a buyer who backed out after driving "The Thing" due to it being "too swirly" (his words). We're surprised they even went so far as to go for a test drive.

"The Thing" is listed at $800, with the owner offering to deliver after payment within the Nashville, Arkansas area. Any farther than that, and the buyer would have to put it on a trailer to get it home. Considering that Honda Civics from the same era will ask for way beyond the mentioned asking price, this is some sort of a bargain, don't you think?

Shawn Rigler/ Facebook Marketplace

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