Car Mod Atrocities: Part XXVIII

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Advice: don't be inspired by these guys.

Every month we experience things going from bad to worse. And then we share it with you, loyal readers. Welcome to the latest edition of Car Mod Atrocities. There is no redemption for any of the people who own and drive these cars on a regular basis. Special shout out goes to those who sent us photos. You know who you are; we just don't have enough space to thank you by name. We hope your recovery is going well and, no, we won't pay for it, but your efforts are very much appreciated nonetheless. Anyway, everyone, enjoy the freak show.

Oddball Cars With Front-Wheel-Drive V8 Engines
Oddball Cars With Front-Wheel-Drive V8 Engines
Overfinch's Greatest Creations
Overfinch's Greatest Creations

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