Car Tattoo Fails and Wins


Unlike tatoos for people, the ones on cars are much easier to remove in case you ever change your mind.

Just like people, tattoos on cars can be either awesome or "ugh." Putting a tattoo on a car is always a risky move, one which you might regret later on. Depending on what you're tattooing and what type of car you're working with, the results can be either really good or really bad. There really is no middle ground when it comes to car tattoos. If you're interested in seeing the best-of-the-best and the worst-of-the-worst, then keep reading below.

I can easily see how the Smart ForTwo Ed Hardy Edition seemed like a good idea at the time. Christian Audigier's Ed Hardy line of clothing was all the rage back in 2008, and Smart was trying to get its little car noticed. The resulting ForTwo cost $23,000 more than a bare-skinned model and was covered with "awesome" tattoos of nautical stars, lions and of course, skulls & crossbones.

Ford South Africa decided to show the hatchback's wild side by commissioning tattoo artist Milo "Mr. Lucky" Marcel to design a slew of tattoos for the Fiesta. The resulting tattoos added between $200 and $500 to the price of the Fiesta and ranged from uninspired (tribal armband) to awesome (a killer butterfly/eyeball combo).

The Ferrari F430 Calavera is several steps above the Ford Fiesta Tattoo Edition simply because it's a Ferrari and because it takes its tattoos seriously. This custom Ferrari was made by Unique Sportscars and the Novitec Rosso with the former taking care of the tattooing. The tattoos of the Calavera consist of both a skull and barbed wire which run throughout the interior and exterior of the car. The tattoos leave a little to be desired in the imagination department, but it's hard to argue with a Ferrari that pushes 707hp and 216 mph.

Automakers take note: The Ferrari F430 tattooed by French artist Philippe Pasqua is how a tattooed car should look. Pasqua's unique work of art is wrapped from head-to-toe in leather with a wonderfully creative skull-dragon tattoo running from front to back. The tattoo is creative, colorful and something you wouldn't immediately laugh at if you saw it on someone.

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