Car Thief Steals Audi A4 With Sleeping Passenger Still Inside

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Talk about a nightmare.

Buying a new car is an exciting experience, but Kharisma Guajardo and 19-year-old Raylon Scott of Ohio got a bit more excitement than they were hoping for. Their Audi A4 was brought into a local Hyundai dealership to be traded in, but a pesky car thief had other ideas.

Catching forty winks while he waited for the trade, Scott's quick nap was turned into a real-life nightmare when the car thief hopped into the 2012 Audi and took off with the car in broad daylight. Much to the sleepy passenger's shock, the 32-year-old thief drove off with the premium sedan.

Tiffin Police Department (Ohio)
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Nearby police units were notified about the theft, with Tiffin Police Chief David Pauly stating his officers caught sight of the car just before 1:30 pm. Failing to comply with a traffic stop, the thief attempted to flee, setting off a pursuit. According to a statement issued by Tiffin Police, the A4 was driven at a "high rate of speed" down the US 224. Guajardo was able to track the Audi, providing the police with up-to-the-minute information.

The sleeping passenger, now awake and accosted by the "threatening" car thief, also provided Guajardo with information on the car's whereabouts via text message. The pursuit ended when police officers performed a "slow-speed vehicle termination maneuver", and disabled the German sedan, promptly ending the dangerous car chase. An image posted by Tiffin Police Department's Facebook page shows the previous-generation B8 A4 on the side of the road, with a police cruiser just behind it.

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The unsuccessful car thief, Justin M. Vaughn, was apprehended and taken into custody where he was charged with several offenses including theft of a motor vehicle and kidnapping. Miraculously, Scott came out mostly unharmed, receiving on-scene treatment for minor injuries.

The situation could have been a lot worse but thanks to a rapid response from Tiffin Police - and a low-rate car thief - the sleeping passenger was able to escape this real-life nightmare.

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