Car Videos That Turned Out To Be Fake


People have far too much time on their hands.

The internet is full of car videos - anyone with a smartphone and a car can post their very own car videos online whether or not they really should. Of course, plenty of the videos that look fantastic or shocking turn out to be totally fake. Most recently, someone posted a clip of a driver supposedly asleep behind the wheel of a Tesla on auto pilot. Most people are calling foul because the Tesla's auto-steer system simply stops driving without periodic driver input. While we wait for someone to prove this video fake, here are some other quite obviously fake videos that went viral anyway.

First, take a look at this clip of a supposedly fatal car crash - a couple of guys are checking out a shiny new motorcycle, when out of nowhere, BAM! Two cars crash into each other and one skids into a nearby tree. When the cameraman tries to assist the driver, the car catches fire so they flee - and then it explodes in an enormous fireball. It looks like something out of a Hollywood movie, mostly likely because it was. Will cars catch on fire? Sure! New cars especially are full of flammable polyesters and plastics that burn just beautifully, but will they explode? Not as a general rule. Unless that SUV is packed with explosives, this video is definitely fake!

Ever wanted an Apple-brand car to go with your iPhone and Macbook Air? Motor Trend Magazine released a video that supposedly showed the new "Apple Car" and it is quite possibly the worst thing ever. It looks like a crash-test dummy and that's just tempting fate. While it's not an actual car, and is just a poor computer rendering, Motor Trend got a ton of bad press because the monstrosity that they made up is what its entire June 2016 issue is about. They intentionally misled the public into thinking that they actually had information about the Apple car, when really it was all just speculation. Well done, Motor Trend. It might be time to clean house and hire someone who doesn't have utterly awful ideas.

This will have something to do with cars, I promise. Prank videos are incredibly popular, probably because someone somewhere on the internet thinks it's funny to watch other people pee themselves in real or feigned terror. OK, who am I kidding: Most of us think these are funny. Most of the time, these pranks are in good fun, but occasionally they take a darker turn. Take the video "Girl Dies" (a.k.a. Exhibit B-5) which claimed to show a girl being pranked in her home. Scared by a supposed home intruder, she takes off out the door and into the street where she's subsequently hit by a car.

Warning, the video is kind of brutal. See, I told you it'd have something to do with a car. This video made the rounds on the internet for quite a while and even though it's been debunked and the actors and crew came forward to let us know that they're still alive, there are still people on YouTube who debate whether it's real or not!

Have you ever seen those pictures of the vandalized cars covered with exclamations of "Cheater!" or "I hope she was worth it!" How many of those do you think actually happened? No, we're not counting the cars that you may have personally taken revenge against. Earlier this month, pictures popped up on the internet of a white Range Rover covered in red spray-painted curses and epithets against a cheating spouse. Unfortunately, it's not as interesting as it sounds: It was a promotional stunt done for the Bravo show "Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce." It would have been much more entertaining if it had been an actual scorned girlfriend, but we'll take what we can get.

The moral of this story? If you're going to cheat on your spouse, hide your car. Have you found any videos while perusing the web that you swear couldn't possibly be real? Leave them in the comments for us so we can check them out!

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