Car Wash Employee Trashes Customer's Tesla Model X In China

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No doubt people will be quick to blame autopilot.

Crashes being blamed on Tesla's autopilot software rather than human error are becoming increasingly common, but this accident in China is more unusual than most. A report by Sohu alleges that a car wash employee crashed someone's Tesla Model X into a guardrail a couple of months ago while trying to take a turn. The driver lost control, hit the guardrail and then smacked into a tree. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident – despite the substantial damage to the Tesla Model X, which includes a guardrail protruding through the windshield.

The circumstances behind the accident are conflicting. Some sources say the driver engaged autopilot, others say it was engaged accidentally, and some say it had nothing to do with the accident. To make matters more mysterious, the owner of the Tesla Model X was reportedly at the scene of the accident before emergency services arrived, but fled the scene which makes you wonder if the car was stolen or uninsured. Two months have now passed since the accident, but police still haven't been able to trace the owner. The damage the mangled Model X suffered suggests a high-speed impact from joy riding, but it's fortunate that the guardrail impaled the middle of the windshield or the accident could have been far worse.

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