Carbon-Fiber High Wing Now Available For C8 Corvette

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And it looks astonishing.

Look, we know. We talk about the Corvette Stingray C8 a lot. But there's always something to talk about with this thing. Whether its Hennessey offering a new exhaust system, owners reporting hoods flying open while driving, or Chevrolet itself accidentally leaking the new Stingray R pack, the C8 is always popping into our feeds. This time, it's for something that could perfectly complement a carbon aero kit from AGM. Victor Racing has released a new carbon fiber high wing for the C8 and it's inspired by the one perched on the back of the C8.R racecar. Doesn't that sound epic?

The wing is more than just an aesthetic upgrade though. It's got three levels of adjustability, meaning that you can play around to find the position that suits your driving on the track best. In addition, you can rest assured that some real R&D has gone into this product, as it's been testing in its highest downforce setting at speeds of up to 140 mph, holding up just fine. That sounds just fine to us, as the last thing we'd want is to be flying down the main straight of our local circuit only for the wing to fly off and potentially damage something or injure someone. Another positive is that you can still use the rearview mirror without any impedance.

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So where do you get one? Aerolarri is the first to stock this item at $1,699 and provides it as a package with specially made endcaps. No pictures anything other than the gloss black caps have been provided, but VR is also offering unpainted carbon caps for $249. A cool detail is that these come in two styles: one mimicks the C8.R while another draws inspiration from the SR-71 Blackbird. Yet the best part is that these bare-carbon caps are being thrown in for free as part of a launch special. The only downside is that the wing sits further back than on stock models, so you've gotta drill into the trunk.

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