Carbon Motors Designs TX7 Multi Mission Vehicle

Designed from the ground up for law enforcement, Carbon Motors follows up on the E7 with new TX7 Multi Mission Vehicle.

A couple of years ago a company popped up on the scene called Carbon Motors with the E7, a design for a police cruiser designed from the ground up specifically for law enforcement. Now it has come back with another police vehicle called the TX7 Multi Mission Vehicle. The TX7 is envisioned for mobile command, surveillance, prisoner transportation or SWAT team deployment. It can be configured for up to ten passengers and packs infrared and thermal scanners.

It's also designed to roll through the scene of a chemical, biological or even nuclear attack with the necessary shielding to keep the officers inside safe from harm. While the E7 cruiser was designed around a BMW-sourced inline-six, the TX7 envisions using a V8 turbodiesel with a six-speed automatic and all-wheel drive. There are even plans for a Compressed Natural Gas version. Carbon Motors anticipates starting production within a year from now, with pricing starting just under $150,000.

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