CarBuzz Reader Watched As His Ferrari 360 Spider Went Up In Flames


This is every Ferrari owner's worst nightmare.

On the one hand, nobody was hurt. So there's that. However, one man's dream car was completely smothered in flames. This 2004 Ferrari 360 Spider was declared a total loss. The nightmare scenario occurred last August in Interstate 15, outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, not far from the Valley of Fire. Note the irony. Owner Breck Dockstader was driving home to Utah from Vegas with a friend when they noticed something: smoke, specifically from the Ferrari's engine.

They quickly pulled over and got out of the car as it became engulfed in flames. There was absolutely nothing for Breck to do but to just stand there and watch his first Ferrari go up in smoke. That's Breck standing there in the photo with his hands on his head. Here's hoping the insurance check was enough to buy a new Ferrari. No guarantee that it too won't catch on fire, sadly. Good luck, Breck. We hope everything will work out for you.

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