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It's the Mike Walker Game for cars.

CarBuzz Real or Fake is exactly what it sounds like, a guessing game where you have to sift through a series of ridiculous stories to separate the real from the fake. This game is about seeing how well you can sniff out BS, so don't even think about using Google. Remember that all of the below stories are real save for one. All you have to do is pick out the dud. We've got plenty more of these lined up if you dig it. Let us know in the comments.

There's loving your bike, and then there's asking to ride it during your wake. David Morales Colon was killed after a shooting incident in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His family decided to honor David by having the morticians present David's body dressed up in his typical riding gear and position him on his Honda CBR600 F4, a gift given to David by his uncle. Hopefully there aren't helmet laws in heaven.

What do you do when your Honda Civic stops running after 30 years? You throw it a funeral and invite the whole neighborhood, that's what. Harry Ettling had a viking-like send off for his 1982 Honda Civic, affectionately known around his neighborhood as "Bluey." The Civic lived to 170,000 miles before going to meet it's maker (no not Honda). The car was so beloved in Ettling's neighborhood that friends and family gathered in a procession led by a dixieland band and Ettling, who donned a black suit with top hat. The car was loaded on a towing truck and Ettling and friends headed to a local bar to pay a final tribute.

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Collectors are passionate people, there's no doubting that. But some take things a little too far, such as one woman from West Virginia who had so much litter in her car, it actually led to her undoing. Joan Gallington of Charleston West Virginia was traveling on I64 where she lost control of her car, rolling into an embankment. According to paramedics, "The victim was trapped upside down causing the litter in the car to smother and suffocated her." Rescue personnel that arrived on the scene tried to resuscitate her, but she was promptly pronounced dead after attempts had failed.

Americans catch a lot of crap for being lazy, but you can't argue the genius of a drive-thru funeral home. Paradise Funeral Chapel in Saginaw Michigan added a drive thru viewing window to add convenience for their mourners. When a car pulls up to the window, curtains automatically pull up and the viewer has three minutes to pay their respects to the recently departed. They can also sign a guest book, leave donations or other memorable items. The owner of the funeral home stated his idea to offer a drive through viewing was intended for the elderly or people with a fear of funeral homes.

So, did you figure out which story was fake? Although it may be hard to believe someone actually did put a deceased David Morales Colon on a Honda CBR600 F4. Harry Ettling did hold a funeral for his 30 year old Civic that his neighborhood actually turned up for and not only does Paradise Funeral Chapel have a drive-thru window, the fun fact is that there are three other drive-thru funeral homes in the U.S. That leaves us to our disgusting Joan Gallington, who not only did not suffocate on her filthy car litter, but never even existed outside of our warped imagination.

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